Quick Thoughts on the Queen’s Speech

It will be interesting to see the Bills drafted in light of statements in today’s Queen’s Speech such as:

‘Measures will be brought forward to address racial and ethnic disparities and ban conversion therapy’.

No further details on this have yet been given.

‘Legislation will support the voluntary sector by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and releasing additional funds for good causes’.

According to The Guardian there will be a new Charities Bill. It remains to be seen how broad in scope this is.

‘My government will strengthen and renew democracy and the constitution. Legislation will be introduced to ensure the integrity of elections, protect freedom of speech and restore the balance of power between the executive, legislature and the courts’.

According to The Guardian this refers to ‘a judicial review bill’, ‘a dissolution and calling of parliament bill’ and an ‘electoral integrity bill’. These will definitely be worth keeping an eye on especially in terms of how judicial review is changed and changes to electoral law, including the rumoured voter ID requirement.

It looks like it will be an interesting and controversial Parliamentary session and that’s before considering the various private Members bills that tend to deal with religion or belief issues.

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