Response to Welsh Government Consultation on Religion, Values and Ethics Guidance

The Welsh Government’s consultation on the draft guidance for Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) – the new name for Religious Education under the Curriculum for Wales – closes today.

In my submission to the consultation, I have argued that clarity is required in respect of the following seven issues:

(1) The place of RVE within the Humanities AoLE given that it is a statutory requirement
(2) The position of the opt out for teachers
(3) The nature of RVE in schools with a religious character where it is taught in accordance with trust deeds or ethos
(4) The definition of RVE
(5) The definition of religion
(6) The definition of philosophical convictions
(7) The position of sixthformers

The main text of my submission can be read at:

If you cannot access this, then please feel free to email me for a copy:

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