Marriage Reform in Wales

I am delighted to receive a reply to my email to Mick Antoniw MS, Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution, confirming that the Welsh Government ‘has expressed support’ for the Law Commission proposals on marriage law. It is excellent to have their ‘support for the reform of the marriage law’.

Marriage is not currently devolved and the reply states that the Welsh Government ‘will watch the UK Government’s response’ to the final report ‘with interest before considering our position and any representations we would need to make in order to pursue our policy objectives.’

Meanwhile the Parliamentary question by Liz Saville Roberts MP to the Ministry of Justice asking whether there has been an ‘assessment of the potential merits of enabling Senedd Cymru to legalise humanist marriages in Wales’ has 3 days left to be answered:

As I argue in my book ‘Religion and Marriage Law: The Need for Reform’ the current law on marriage is discriminatory and does not reflect 21st century norms. Reform is desperately needed and if the UK Government fails to adequately act to the Law Commission’s final report when it is published then marriage law should become devolved so the Senedd can implement the necessary reforms in Wales.

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