New Book for 2022 – ‘Religion in Schools: Learning Lessons from Wales’

I am delighted to announce my next book will be ‘Religion in Schools: Learning Lessons from Wales’ with Anthem Press.

It’s a short book on the history of the law on education in schools and how the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021 has transformed it:

The book uncovers how the religious requirements governing the teaching of religion and religious worship are more recent than would be assumed to be the case.

It examines in detail the legislative history of the 2021 Act – a piece of legislation that redefines religious education as Religion, Values and Ethics in Wales. It examines the concerns that I raised at the time and which were discussed on the floor of the Welsh Parliament.

It concludes that, although the Act is to be welcomed and underlines how antiquated the law in England remains by comparison, there is a need to be more radical still, especially in relation to faith schools and local decision making bodies.

The book is due to be published by Anthem Press next year.

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