New Subversive Symposium: Dr Jennifer Aston

A brand new episode of the Subversive Symposium is now available. In this episode, I talk to an expert on law and history who works outside of a Law School to see what they make of the arguments in my book, ‘Subversive Legal History‘ (Routledge, 2021) and about the need for and nature of legal history.

I talk to Dr Jennifer Aston, Senior Lecturer in History and Director of the Institute of Humanities at Northumbria University. Jennifer is author of ‘Female Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century England’ (Springer, 2016) and we discuss how her work originally on economic history revealed how laws on the legal status of women were being circumvented, how this ‘low level subversion’ was performed by people who were often not radical feminists and how her work challenges assumptions about Victorian lawmakers.

The episode examines how law became increasingly a focus in Jennifer’s research and also how her economic history focus saw law in a new light, sometimes questioning assumptions made about nineteenth century statutes.

The episode (and previous episodes) can now be watched on my YouTube channel.

A Screenshot from the episode.

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