Fundraising and Charity Work

In March 2022, I helped organise a student mooting competition and networking / fundraising event collaborating with the National Community Law Project, the student-run Law Society and the Junior Lawyers Division of the local Law Society. The event raised over £700 in total.

The National Community Law Project was founded by a Cardiff Law graduate and is now directed by two Cardiff Law graduates. They provide legal advice to those who cannot afford to go to a solicitor. For more information see:

In addition to helping to organise and coordinate the event, I took part in a ‘Lecturers vs Barristers’ Moot. A moot is basically a fake trial. This turned the tables on the lecturers team since rather than setting the moot, we had to actually take part. I had not mooted before!

The ‘Lecturers vs Barristers’ Moot (Thomas Jones, Sophie Howard, me and Dr Jess Mant)
Me during the moot

Although the lecturer team (narrowly) won the moot, we still took part in the forfeit. This consisted of a ‘wet sponge throw’: we were locked in stocks while people paid to throw sponges soaked with cold water at us!

Me in the stocks
Dr Jess Mant sponges me!
Before and after!

A video compilation of the spongings can be found here:

Compilation video of the ‘spongings’

The Go Fund Me page can be found at: