I am module leader on the undergraduate LLB modules on Criminal Law and Legal History at Cardiff University.

Criminal Law

This is a compulsory first year module.  A characteristic of many societies is the enforcement of standards of behaviour through state regulated punishments. This module deals with what has to be proved against defendants in criminal trials in England and Wales before they can be subjected to such punishment. Whatever the crime with which defendants are charged, there are certain matters which, as a general rule, have to be proved. The module covers ‘general principles’ of criminal law, the constituent parts of specified offences and the operation of criminal law in context.

Legal History

This is an optional module in the second and final year. This module examines the development of English Law from the Norman Conquest to the present day. It focuses on upon both the history of the legal system and of legal doctrines and ideas.  The main areas that are studied are constitutional history and the historical development of the legal system itself; the history of land law and the forms of action; the development of the English law of obligations into the two areas of tort and contract from their common origins in the actions of trespass and case; and the development of Legal History as a field of study, including different forms of Legal History such as Feminist Legal History.  Throughout, the legal developments will be related to political, economic, social and intellectual changes within England and Wales.

Previous Teaching Experience and Administrative Roles

I previously taught and served as Module Leader for the undergraduate LLB module on Law and Religion and as Course Director for the LLM in Canon Law and as Module Leader for the LLM modules Conceptual Foundations and Historical Development of Canon Law; Doctrine, Liturgy and Rites in Canon Law; Government and Ministry in Canon Law; and The Interface of Canon Law and Civil Law. I have also previously taught on the Legal Foundations LLB module.

Previous administrative roles have included: Head of the Law Department (2016-2019); Senior Admissions Tutor for Law (2021; 2013-2016); Director of Year 1 Teaching (2011-12); Staff Member, Cardiff Law School Staff-Student Panel (2011-2012); Coordinator of Undergraduate Mooting Programme (2010-12); Acting Director, Centre for Law and Religion (2010-11); Admissions Tutor for the LLM in Canon Law (2010-11); Member, Cardiff Law School Research Committee (2010-2011); Member, Postgraduate Extenuating Circumstances committee (2010-11); Member, Cardiff Law School C&IT Committee (2009-12); and Modern Working Environment Champion (2009).