Analysing Leading Works in Law

Analysing Leading Works in Law examines how particular legal sub-disciplines have developed by exploring the leading works that have shaped, developed and on occasions confined fields of study.

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The first book in the series is Leading Works in Law and Religion

In an age where legal education is undergoing considerable change and facing a number of challenges, the Leading Works in Law series is designed to explore how the study of Law and legal sub-disciplines have developed so far and their likely future. The purpose of the series is to fire critical light at the way in which sub-disciplines within Law understand themselves and perpetuate their identity.

Each book focuses upon a different legal sub-discipline. It asks leading and emerging scholars in the field to select and analyse a ‘leading work’; one which has contributed internationally to the development of the sub-discipline as a whole. The chapters explore the likely implications and applications of the leading work upon the sub-discipline in question. The discussion may be in part autobiographical, exploring how the work in question has impacted upon the contributor’s own scholarship and understanding of the sub-discipline in question.

The books in this series are intended to assess the development of the sub-discipline in question and examine its potential future development. The leading works chosen are not meant to be exhaustive; they are simply illustrative and a means by which the contributors reflect upon the often unspoken question about how and why a sub-discipline has developed in the way that it has and the way in which it could develop in the future.

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