Law and Religion (Book)

Published in 2011 by Cambridge University Press, Law and Religion is the first textbook in the field. It is intended to introduce and map the field of Law and Religion.

Table of Contents

1. What is ‘law and religion’?
2. Historical development
3. Legal definitions of religion
4. The legal position of religious groups
5. Religious freedom as a human right
6. Discrimination on grounds of religion
7. Religious offences
8. Religion in schools
9. Religious law
10. The clash of arms


‘Sandberg’s engaging and illuminating narrative brings order and clarity into the piecemeal accretion of legal provision.’ Church Times

‘Sandberg’s book is an excellent tool, which suggests many ideas, proposals and conceptualisations that are bound to have an effect on the academic community and students across the UK and elsewhere. In this, his first book, Sandberg has produced an invaluable and remarkable piece which should be highly recommended in British universities and to all those with an interest in religion and law, theology, history, political science and sociology.’  Legal Studies