Religion and Law in the United Kingdom

Published in 2011 with a second edition in 2014 and a third edition in 2021, this encyclopaedic account of Law and Religion in England, Wales and Scotland was co-written with Mark Hill QC, Norman Doe and for the third edition, Christopher Grout. Religion and Law in the United Kingdom has been published both part of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws Series and as a stand alone monograph.

Table of Contents


General Introduction.

Part I. Legal Framework and Sources. Chapter 1. Constitutional Position of Religion. Chapter 2. Other Legislation with Regard to Religion. Chapter 3. Typology of the System.

Part II. Religious Freedom in General. Chapter 1. Individual Religious Freedom. Chapter 2. Collective Religious Freedom. Chapter 3. Organizational Religious Freedom.

Part III. Legal Status of Religious Communities. Chapter 1. Formal Status of Religious Communities. Chapter 2. Autonomy of Religious Communities. Chapter 3. Fundamental Rights and Religious Communities. Chapter 4. Contractual Religious Freedom.

Part IV. International, Transnational and Regional Effects on Religious Communities. Chapter 1. International Law Affecting Religious Communities. Chapter 2. Transnational Law Affecting Religious Communities. Chapter 3. Regional Law Affecting Religious Communities.

Part V. Religion and Politics. Chapter 1. Religion Influence in Politics. Chapter 2. Political Influence in Religion. Chapter 3. Interaction between Religion and State on a Political and Legal Level.

Part VI. Labour Law within Religious Communities. Chapter 1. Scope of Application of Labour Law. Chapter 2. Religious Ministers and Labour Law. Chapter 3. Other Church Employees and Labour Law.

Part VII. Religious Communities and Protection of the Individual. Chapter 1. Protection of Privacy. Chapter 2. Freedom to Marry. Chapter 3. Freedom of Expression. Chapter 4. Due Process Norms and Religious Groups. Chapter 5. Professional Secrecy. Chapter 6. Medical Ethics. Chapter 7. Non-discrimination. Chapter 8. Penal Law and Religion.

Part VIII. Church Financing. Chapter 1. Direct Financing of Religious Communities. Chapter 2. Indirect Financing of Religious Communities.

Part IX. Education. Chapter 1. Religious Education in Public and Private Schools. Chapter 2. Religious Schools.

Part X. Matrimonial and Family Law. Chapter 1. Legal Position of Religious Marriage. Chapter 2. Religious Family Law.

Part XI. Religion and Culture. Chapter 1. Religion and Art. Chapter 2. Religion and Media. Chapter 3. Religion and Civil Society. Chapter 4. Religion and Public Debate.

Selected Bibliography