Law and Religion: New Horizons

Published in 2010 by Peeters, Law and Religion: New Horizons was edited by Norman Doe and I. It mainly consisted of papers presented at a SLSA Law and Religion stream.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Norman Doe and Russell Sandberg

1. England’s Law of Religion – The History of a Discipline. Augur Pearce

2. Establishment and Human Rights in the English Constitution: Happy Bed-Fellows or Uneasy Allies? Charlotte Smith

3. Church, State and Civil Partners: Establishment and Social Mores in Tension. Mark Hill

4. Religion and Discrimination: Balancing Interests within the Anti-Discrimination Framework.  Pauline Roberts

5. Freedom of Speech, Religious Sensibilities and Inciting Hatred in English Law. Richard Clarke

6. Public Benefit in the Advancement of Religion after the Charities Act 2006: Another Charity Muddle?  Peter Luxton

7. Human Rights and the Christian Tradition: A Quaker Perspective. Frank Cranmer

8. Structures of Religious Pluralism in English Law. David Harte

9. A Collection of States or a State of Mind? The Religious and Spiritual Dimension of European Citizenship. Alexandra Pimor

10. Regional Ecclesiastical Law: Religion and Devolution in Spain and Wales. Javier García Oliva and David Lambert

11. The Concept of Christian Law – A Case Study: Concepts of ‘a Church’ in a Comparative and Ecumenical Context. Norman Doe

12. Law and Sociology: Toward a Greater Understanding of Religion. Russell Sandberg and Rebecca Catto

13. Some Sceptical Thoughts about the Academic Analysis of Law and Religion in the United Kingdom.  Anthony Bradney

14. Conclusion: New Horizons. Norman Doe and Russell Sandberg