Leading Works in Law and Religion (Book)

Published by Routledge in 2019, Leading Works in Law and Religion is the first book in the Leading Works in Law series. For a discount code, click here

Table of Contents

1. Prologue – Russell Sandberg

2. Striking a Balance: Restoring a neglected leading work – Sylvie Bacquet

3. Religion and the Law: An unconventional path maker – Anthony Bradney

4. Of Presbyters and Kings: A Scottish trail-blazer – Frank Cranmer

5. The European Convention on Human Rights: A living leading work – Frank Cranmer

6. Republican Fundamentalism against Laïcité: Tempering the appropriation of a constitutional doctrine – Eoin Daly

7. Freedom of Religion under the European Convention on Human Rights: Foreshadowing interpretative dilemmas – Peter W. Edge and Lucy Vickers

8. The Impossibility of Religious Freedom: ‘Legal religion’ and its discontents – Méadhbh McIvor

9. Law and Revolution: Rewriting the narrative of law – Ed Morgan

10. Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Workplace: Overlapping protections in changing contexts – Megan Pearson

11. A Note on the Theology of Burial: A settled controversy – David Pocklington

12. Roman Canon Law in the Church of England: Maitland’s legacy on the study of religious law – Russell Sandberg

13. Multicultural Jurisdictions: The need for a feminist approach to Law and Religion – Sharon Thompson and Russell Sandberg

14. Afterword – John Witte, Jr.