Research Handbook on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Law and Religion

Published by Edward Elgar in 2019 and co-edited with Norman Doe, Bronach Kane and Caroline Roberts, this Research Handbook includes provocative chapters from experts on a range of concepts, perspectives and theories, drawing on a variety of disciplines, which can be used to further law and religion scholarship: Website

Table of Contents 



1. Snakepits & Sandpits 
Russell Sandberg

Part I: Historical Approaches 

2. Ecclesiastical Court Records for Social and Cultural History
Bronach C Kane 

3. Trial by Ordeal: An Interdisciplinary Approach Yields Fresh Insights
Lindsey Bell

4. ‘Moved and Seduced by the Instigation of the Devil’: Witchcraft and the Law, 1450-1700
Jan Machielson

5. Secularisation and Law in Modern Societies
Callum G Brown

Part II: Philosophical Approaches 

6. Philosophy, Law, and Religion
Daniel Whistler and Daniel J Hill

7. Law, Religion, and Public Reason
Paul Billingham and Jonathan Chaplin

8. Multicultural Political Theory
Simon Thompson and Tariq Modood

9. Charles Taylor on Recognition, Inclusive Secularism, and Religion
Camil Ungureanu and Paolo Monti

10. ‘Gods Would be Needed…’: Derrida on Law and Religion
Peter Fitzpatrick

Part III: Sociological Approaches 

11. Interpretive Issues in Researching Law and Religion
Max Travers and Doug Ezzy 

12. The Lure of Luhmann: A Systems Theory of Law and Religion
Russell Sandberg

13. Social Anthropology
Méadhbh McIvor

14.Religion or Belief, Equality and Human Rights Law and the Media 
David Perfect and Simon Perfect 

Part IV: Theological Approaches 

15. Biblical Law
Jonathan Burnside

16. Political Theology and Legal Theory
Joshua Neoh

17. Feminism Meets Law and Religion: Commonalities and Critiques
Marie A Failinger

Part V: Comparative Approaches 

18. A Comparative Method for the Study of Law and Religion: Is this a Defensible Methodology?
Brigitte Clark

19. Monotheism and the Death Penalty: Towards a Homogenous Exegesis for Abolition
Jon Yorke and Amna Nazir 

20. The Turkish Constitutional Court Rulings on the Headscarf: The Construction of Villains and Victims 
Laçin İdil Öztığ

21. Diversity in Death: A Case Study of a Muslim Cemetery Project in Quebec
Dia Dabby and Lori G Beaman