Law and History

My interest in interdisciplinary approaches to Law has resulted in research on relationship between Law and History.

This is the focus of my monograph on Subversive Legal History: A Manifesto for the Future of Legal Education argues that history should be at the beating heart of the law curriculum. Far from being archaic, elitist and dull, historical perspectives on law are and should be subversive. 

Other work in this area has included the edited work Law and History: Critical Concepts in Law which includes an introductory essay ‘Textual and Contextual Legal History’ which explores how divisions within Legal History has resulted in the marginalisation of historical approaches in UK Law Schools. 

With Dr Sharon Thompson, I am the Co-Founder and Co-Coordinator of the Law and History Research Group.

This is the home of a new book series, published by Routledge: Transforming Legal Histories. This aims to place the historical study of law at the heart of the law curriculum. It is designed to showcase scholarship which uses historical theory, approaches or methods to analyse law and legal change and is aimed, not exclusively at legal historians but at a general legal readership, exploring and expanding the historical dimension of key fields of legal scholarship. The series editors are Dr Lydia Hayes, Dr Katie Richards, Dr Sharon Thompson and I: Further details