Law and Religion

My research has focused upon the study of Law and Religion.

This was the focus of my book Law and Religion (Cambridge University Press, 2011), the first textbook in the field. My work has set the agenda for the study of Law and Religion and has explored the emerging legal framework concerning religion examining how human rights, discrimination and criminal laws interact with religion.

My research has also analysed how religion is defined legally and the definition of belief. My work has contended that the significant legal changes that have occurred in the twenty-first century means that Law and Religion now exists as ‎as an academic sub-discipline like Family Law or Sports Law.

This has been the focus of the edited works Law and Religion: Critical Concepts in Law (Routledge, 2017), Leading Works in Law and Religion  and Research Handbook on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Law and Religion (Edward Elgar, 2019). I am Managing Editor of the ICLARS Series on Law and Religion, published by Routledge.